Does the building that you work or live in have a certificate, such as Energy Star or LEED Certified? Sustainable buildings are changing the way development is being done beyond ecological perspectives. Many sustainable buildings are designed and built not only for the environment but for social sustainability purposes as well.

In our theme "Sustainable Buildings", we highlight five different sustainable buildings and developments designed with sustainability in mind, including environmental conservation, green energy, and ecotourism. These buildings have incorporated concepts beyond just their materials, helping scope the environment around them.

Learn more about:

  • Agora Garden Tower - This building is an oasis of urban diversity, a pioneering concept of sustainable residential construction that aims at limiting the ecological footprint of its inhabitants.
  • Energy Self-Sufficient Apartment Building - Located in Switzerland, this building consisting of nine flats, relies exclusively on onsite-produced energy to fully meet heating, cooling, and electricity demand.
  • Lycée Schorge Secondary School - Designed to set a new standard for educational excellence, the school has become a source of inspiration, innovatively showcasing locally-sourced building materials.
  • Omega Center for Sustainable Living- Learn how this water reclamation facility was built to be a reference for the community in environmental sustainability, green energy, and regenerative design.
  • Uakari Floating Lodge - This lodge generates income and educational opportunities for locals and functions as a laboratory for research into ecotourism and environmental conservation.

Sustainable design for buildings is the wave of the future. Intrigued in what you see? Take a look at a sampling of our courses and tools through our free 7 Day Demo.