General Motors does it. IKEA does it. Even everyday homeowners do it. Waste is nothing more than a resource that isn’t being utilized correctly. What if you learned how to turn waste into a resource?

Companies and homes that have done this have found incredible value, saving on costs and bringing in additional revenue. Imagine turning food waste into compost for your garden, or grocery stores giving out-of-date food to shelters to help feed the needy.

Turning waste into resources generates revenue no matter what angle you look at it, a win-win from every perspective. Think about it: if you could get money for your waste, wouldn't you take advantage of that?

Learn more through our courses:

  • From Waste to Resources - Understand why waste is a mistake and, instead, should be seen as a resource. Don’t waste the waste!
  • Wake Up and See the Waste! - Discover the different types of waste in manufacturing environments. Practice finding them at work and at home.
  • Why Products Become Waste? - Find out what reasons turn products into waste and how to change that.

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