How do you fit into the transition towards sustainability? It turns out you're a crucial piece to the puzzle. Transitioning towards sustainability is a journey, and as everyone knows, journeys affect everyone personally, professionally, and in different ways. On every journey you ever go on, something new will always be presented, pushing our boundaries and changing our viewpoints.

The theme "Change and Transformation" helps you understand that your actions can make big shifts. Change is inevitable, so when change happens, it's important that you're on board to help make that change happen in the right direction.

Change and Transformation are divided into the following courses:

  • Change from the CEO’s Perspective - The CEO’s role in leading change for sustainability.
  • The Sustainability Journey and You - Change how you think, to change how you act.
  • Be Prepared for Change - Reflect on how you relate to change.

Courses under development include the topics:

  • Nudging for Sustainable Business
  • Boosting for Sustainable Behavior
  • Behavioral Change Tips: Introduction
  • Behavioral Change Tips: Individual Motivation
  • Behavioral Change Tips: Group Motivation
  • Behavioral Change Tips: Organizational and Social Motivation

You are key to driving change in your daily life, your organization, and society. Small actions can make a big impact, and in the same way, so can you.

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